Books: Three of a kind - Lessons from the Battle Zone

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The 33 Strategies of War
Robert Greene
Profile Books £14.99

Life both in and outside work is a war zone for Greene, who gives us a ruthless battle plan for how to garrotte the competition. He draws on the actions of such figures as Lord Nelson, Napoleon and Queen Boudicca, giving 33 strategies that include learning how to declare war on your enemies and how to pick your battles carefully. Dense but broad-ranging. - BEST OF ITS KIND

The Royal Navy Officer's Pocket-Book 1944
Compiled by Brian Lavery
Conway £6.99

A fascinating and unusual little collection of pamphlets written for Second World War Royal Navy officers. It details everything from ship etiquette to how to quell a mutiny. There is invaluable advice on leadership, initiative and discipline, and the historians among you will love the details of daily life as an officer on board a World War II battleship. - COULD BE USEFUL

Sun Tzu and the Art of Business
Mark McNeilly
OUP £11.99

McNeilly has condensed The Art of War, the great masterpiece on military strategy by Chinese general Sun Tzu, into six strategic principles that managers can use, such as 'Win all without fighting' and 'Character-based leadership'. Consistently plundered by leaders over the years (including, we are told, Mao Zedong and possibly Napoleon), the original source contains many wise words for those toying with the idea of world domination. - COULD BE USEFUL.

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