BOOKS: Three of a Kind... Let your body do the talking

BOOKS: Three of a Kind... Let your body do the talking - Body Talk at Work; Judi James; Piatkus pounds 9.99

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Body Talk at Work; Judi James; Piatkus pounds 9.99

The doyenne of workplace communications focuses on the non-verbal kind in this instructive book. A wide variety of gestures and facial expressions come under analysis, although the book's strength is the emphasis it puts on using body language for advancing one's own career. Don't let your rivals see it.


Body Language at Work; Adrian Furnham; CIPD books pounds 5.95

This is the only body language book not to contain diagrams, yet the slim volume still manages to pack in plenty of information. Interesting for anyone new to the subject, but lacks sufficient in-depth information for the dedicated student of body language.


Body Language; Allan Pease; Sheldon Press pounds 7.99

A fully illustrated and informative book that concentrates on interpreting the body language of others, both in and out of the workplace. Useful for anyone interested in the subject and wanting to learn more.


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