Books: Three of a kind - making your ideas a reality

Learn how to transform your idea into a finished product with these three guides.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 05 Nov 2010

Buy In
John P Kotter and Lorne A Whitehead
Harvard Business Press £14.99

Beginning with a fictional scenario in which the reader is faced with a committee of people, all of whom are busily trying to find ways to shoot down good ideas, Buy In explores the many ways of combating naysayers and their small-minded friends. Simple, straightforward and full of nifty tricks for preventing cynics from ruining the potential of your greatest thoughts. ***

From Brainwave to Business
Celia R F Gates
FT/Prentice Hall £14.99

Written by an award-winning cookware designer and entrepreneur, this book deals with the nuts and bolts of transforming your brainwave into a tangible product. Some of the advice on offer is dubious: 'Tell no one about your idea' seems old-school. But once you have waded through all the 'my story' stuff, this is a solid guide to getting from the idea stage to having a product in front of you. **

Business Innovation for Dummies
Alexander Hiam
Wiley £15.99

Creativity is not just for artists - but most people have got out of the habit of it. This book takes you through the steps to executing a good idea, from coming up with one to the challenges of implementing it. With sections such as 'Constructing your creative place', it can be a bit airy-fairy, but the advice on offer is practical and easy to follow - which is what really matters, isn't it? **

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