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The Tools of Leadership
Max Landsberg
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The author Max Landsberg is something of a motivational guru, whose books include The Tao of Motivation and The Tao of Coaching. In this book, Landsberg creates a fictional character, who learns about leadership in convenient chapter-length stages. The book is, however, full of practical advice and is well laid out, making it easy to assimilate.


The New Leaders

Daniel Goleman

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Fans of the concept of emotional intelligence, or EQ, will be familiar with Daniel Goleman's approach. In this book, he applies EQ to the role of leaders. Leaders are expected to coach, understand, empathise with and motivate their employees - and Goleman will tell you how. Which is great if you're an EQ fan, but if you think leaders should stop empathising and start cracking the whip, this is not the book for you.


Leadership Styles

Tony Kippenberger

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Rather than take one leadership mantra and stick to it, Leadership Styles provides a brief summary of the different approaches that leaders may employ. It's an interesting book, but too short to do the wide array of leadership styles much justice. Readers may find it useful for a quick overview of the subject.

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