Books: Three of a kind - Off you go, you need a change

Taking a Career Break; Joshua White; Vacation Work Publications £11.95

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Plenty on volunteering, travelling and working abroad, but also advice for those who want to return to education, travel with their family or spend time in a religious retreat. This book offers helpful sections on using your experiences to further your career, financial planning and adjusting to the culture shock when you return. The dense layout can make the text look off-putting, but it's actually an easy read and highly informative - Best of its kind

Planning Your Gap Year; Nick Vandome; How To Books £9.99

This volume focuses mainly on travelling, but has good coverage of ways to earn money while you travel, such as teaching English and freelance writing, plus advice on volunteering. Part of the content is aimed at students rather than those taking a career gap, but the book is well-written, and most material will be useful to anyone intending to travel - Could be useful

The Virgin Travellers' Handbook; Tom Griffiths; Virgin Books £14.99

The cover claims this book is intended to be read by both students and career-gap travellers, but the emphasis is firmly on the undergraduate. The advice that it gives is adequate but limited, and the style will probably put off anyone who has long since left university behind them. Even so, there are useful tips here on budgeting, etiquette and what to take with you - Of minor interest.

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