Books: Three of a kind - Pedal power for fast-track executives

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Cycling to Work
Rory McMullan
Green Books £4.95

A cheap, pocket-sized guide to one of the most environmentally friendly forms of commuting. Written from a 'green' point of view, it's packed with interesting facts: did you know that regular cycling adds two years to life expectancy? And there are tips on everything a beginner could wish to know, from choosing the right bicycle to learning basic bike mechanics - BEST OF ITS KIND

City Cycling
Richard Ballantine
Snowbooks £9.99

Written by the founder of Bicycle Magazine and aimed at both newcomers and veterans, this chatty and attractive-looking book is full of useful advice on everything from buying your two-wheeled steed to safe cycling in heavy traffic. Ballantine is no meek observer though, and his feisty attitude (a pump makes a good weapon) will leave some quaking in their cycling shoes - BEST OF ITS KIND

Two Wheels
Matt Seaton
Guardian Books £9.99

Not a how-to book but a collection of articles by the popular Guardian columnist. A bit of a cycling philosopher, Seaton covers it all, from accidents and lycra, to the literature of cycling. Each of his entertaining and reflective essays will teach you something new. Recommended if you'd like to broaden your bicycling horizons - COULD BE USEFUL.

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