BOOKS: THREE OF A KIND ... THE PERSUASIVE PRESENTER - The Ultimate Business Presentation Book

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The Ultimate Business Presentation Book

Andrew Leigh

Random House Business Books - pounds 12.99

Leigh has crammed enough tips, quotes and anecdotes in here to overwhelm. But persevere: this book offers strategies to cope with just about any event. An authoritative and well-researched book that doesn't miss a trick.


Successful Presentation Skills

Andrew Bradbury

Kogan Page - pounds 7.99

A slightly humourless book that nevertheless offers concise and comprehensive information. The diagrams and charts are particularly good at driving certain points home. Includes an original section on the different learning styles of an audience with tips on how to tailor a presentation accordingly.


Presentation Skills

Suzy Siddons

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development - pounds 5.95

A short and easily assimilated book that covers all the main points without frills. The no-nonsense tone reassures, but this is for first-timers.


*** best of its kind

** could be useful

* of minor interest

none: avoid.

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