Books - Three of a kind - Readings on the moral compass

Business Ethics and the 21st Century Organization; Peter Whates; BSI £40.00

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The most practical of the three, Business Ethics is a round-up of thinking from across the world, drawing on real business experience as case studies, and covering unfamiliar territory such as the role NGOs should play in promoting ethical business. Commended to companies that like to extol their CSR credentials - Best of its kind.

The Heart of a Business Ethic; C William Pollard; Rowman & Littlefield £16.99

With a foreword from Warren Bennis, this collection of lectures in defence of 'the corporation' is thought-provoking, honest and soul-searching. But don't pick up this book hoping for a practical primer; it's more of an interesting Sunday-night read with a strong moral bent - Could be useful.

For Business Ethics; Jones, Parker & Bos; Routledge £19.99

Getting to the heart of what business ethics is, this book is a cross between philosophical treatise and business textbook. Strangely, it works. Borrowing heavily from the work of philosophers such as Nietzsche, the authors worryingly decide that 'ethics will never live up to reality and this book has no satisfying conclusions'. A meaty read, though - Could be useful.


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