Books: Three of a Kind - Smiling through the downturn

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

How to Get a Job in a Recession
Harry Freedman
Infinite Ideas

The prospect of job-hunting in a downturn can leave you paralysed with fear, but hopeless inertia is not the only option. If you've been made redundant or are just looking to make the most of your talent, this book is a useful starting point. Freedman urges you to be proactive in your job search; to leave no stone unturned. Targeted research, effective networking and excellent applications will help you find the job you want. - Best of its kind

How to Survive the Credit Crunch
Richard Browning
Studio Cactus

Put together by the brains behind financial website This is Money, this pocket-sized book is crammed with helpful tips on how to make the most of your cash. From taking a packed lunch to work, paying less to travel, and learning how to eat out for less, it's is a manual for the new frugality. If you're searching for ways to tighten the purse-strings without feeling short-changed, this lively and punchy book is for you. - Best of its kind

Surviving a Downturn
Jeremy Kourdi
A&C Black

Aimed at owners of small businesses, this book has advice for those who are short of time. Kourdi provides practical techniques for boosting profitability, focusing on your customers, increasing your revenue, improving sales and your sales process, controlling costs and cashflow, leading your business through a downturn and, finally, making better decisions. - Could be useful

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