Books: Three of a kind - They're all dying to meet you

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Networking Carole Stone Vermilion £4.99

Penned by self-confessed compulsive networker Carole Stone - her Rolodex counts more than 22,000 entries - this small volume makes walking into a crowded room a breeze. She answers all the questions you are too embarrassed to ask, such as: what if I forget someone's name; what if I'm snubbed; how do I leave a single person? An invaluable little friend for your handbag or manbag.


Brilliant Business Connections Frances Kay How To Books £9.99

Kay's textbook makes the business case for networking and centres on the catchily titled Relationships Are Powerful Providing Opportunities and Rewards Today (RAPPORT) principle. Real-life examples intersperse networking theory and practical advice, including tips on modern-day minefields such as e-mail and text messages. You'll like this book if you're of an academic bent, but the over-abundance of exclamation marks will surely begin to get on your nerves.


Personal Networking Mick Cope FT Prentice Hall £19.99

The most serious of the three, this book presents networking as a 'social capital investment process' and comes with scatter diagrams. Whether Cope's 'network frame' helps you 'activate abundance' is up to you. Our advice?

Just get out there and mingle.

*** best of its kind ** could be useful * of minor interest none: avoid

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