Books: Three of a kind - Make the most of your time

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard

Robert J Kriegel

Time Warner £10.99

A promising title, but does the book live up to it? Kriegel specialises in writing straight-talking books that offer a new perspective on familiar problems. Accordingly, the book tells readers to slow down, work at only 90% effort rather than 110%, and to think like a beginner. It's intriguing, different and far more interesting than the average time management book. - Could be useful.

I'll Sleep When I Die

Adam C Worgan

Matador £9.99

Conventional time management books usually open with instructions on how to prioritise tasks. This book, however, starts with what is almost a meditation on time, before progressing into interesting chapters on different time personalities - 'time vandals', 'time assassins' and 'time lords', for example. But it falls short of being either a must-have guide or a philosophical treatise on time.

- Of minor interest.

Living the 80/20 Way

Richard Koch

Nicholas Brealey £12.99

Everyone knows the Pareto principle - that 20% of any effort leads to 80% of results. Koch tells us how this principle can be applied to one's entire life. Having left his high-pressure job to pursue a more relaxed yet far more lucrative way of life, he's the right person to dispense such advice. Yet the book takes too long to arrive at the hands-on practicalities. If you're really busy, start at Chapter 5.

- Of minor interest.

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