Books: Three of a kind - Transform the way you think

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Mind Laundry

Gerry Kushel

Thorogood £12.99

The author is on a mission to make you dispel negative thoughts, manage your emotions, and generally become what Kushel calls an 'effective thinker'. To this end, tasks are designed to make you think about what you want out of life, including a slightly morbid exercise on what you'd like your epitaph to say, plus advice on how to think effectively. It's a bit pop psychology, but interesting all the same. - Could be useful.


Larry A Thompson

McGraw Hill £12.99

It would be easy to make fun of this book. 'What makes someone a star?' screams the back cover. Well, this book, apparently. The film-producer author has worked with celebrities from Julia Roberts to Barry White.

Wannabe stars need to follow four steps, including 'identify your talent', 'summon your rage' and 'learn to be lucky'. It's all slightly tenuous, but a bit of positive psychology is thrown in, and the tone is encouraging and engaging. - Of minor interest.

The Power of Impossible Thinking

Jerry Wind & Colin Crook

Wharton School Publishing £17.99

If you wonder how your mind works, this book will interest you. Equally, there's valuable information here for those interested in how companies can change outmoded ways of thinking. It's more thorough than the other two, and underlying its serious tone are some useful strategies on how to change the way you think. The strong business bias is also appealing. - Best of its kind.

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