Books: Three of a kind - What's the big idea?

Books: Three of a kind - What's the big idea? - The Guru Guide

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The Guru Guide

Joseph Boyett and Jimmie Boyett

John Wiley pounds 9.95

An intelligent and exhaustive guide to what the gurus have said on key business and management issues. Divided by subject, not by guru - an interesting approach. Useful for finding the guru of your choice on the subjects that matter to you.


Guide to the Management Gurus

Carol Kennedy

Century Business Books pounds 10

Very thorough and effective crib. Allows the reader to become an apparent expert in a guru's works after only a few minutes' reading Helpful steer towards other books that may be worth reading in full, and cheaper than sitting through a course of seminars.


Guide to Management Ideas

Tim Hindle

Economist Books pounds 20

A serious and substantial look at the big issues of the day, and the gurus who can explain them. As befits the branding, this is a slightly more pointy-headed approach, but none the worse for that. The book is reassuringly sober and thorough.


*** best of its kind

** could be useful

* of minor interest

none: avoid.

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