Books: Three of a kind when i hear the word culture

Books: Three of a kind when i hear the word culture - The Character of a Corporation

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The Character of a Corporation

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, HarperCollins Business pounds 8.99

The new paperback edition of this classic piece of analysis is timely.

The authors identify at least four different types of corporate culture - fragmented, communal, mercenary and networked - and explain how to understand your own organisational ethos. ***

The Secret of a Winning Culture

Larry Senn and John Childress, Leadership Press pounds 18.99

A brisk and lucid account by two US consultants who have waded through more than their fair share of corporate cultures. Very strong on 'the vision thing' and top-level advice on the role of leadership in cultural change programmes. **

Approaching the Corporate Heart

Margot Cairnes, Simon & Schuster pounds 9.99

Margot Cairnes has written a perceptive overview of the relationships at the heart of organisations, why and where they go wrong, and what you can do about them. She challenges her readers to question their own preconceptions.

Fun and thought-provoking. **


*** best of its kind

** could be useful

* of minor interest

none: avoid.

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