Books: Three of a kind


Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

How To Have Creative Ideas; Edward de Bono; Random House £8.99

De Bono is the master of lateral thinking, so you're guaranteed a thought-provoking - and thought-improving - book. It includes 62 games and exercises that use random words to encourage sideways thought. For de Bono, creativity is a necessary skill and one that can be learnt, rather than a talent possessed from birth by a lucky few. Simple, practical and great fun.

Best of its kind.

The Art of Creative Thinking; John Adair; Kogan Page £12.99

'How to be innovative and develop great ideas' is the subtitle, and Adair, a recognised authority on leadership development, helps you to tap into the creative activity of your unconscious mind. The emphasis is on practical measures, not nebulous psycho-discourse, and it really does work. This is an interesting and highly readable book that could nonetheless be digested in one habit-changing sitting.

Best of its kind.

How to have Kick-Ass Ideas; Chris Barez Brown; Harper Element; £12.99

'Creativity,' writes Barez-Brown, head of training at innovation company ?What If!, 'is a leap of faith, so jump.' It comes with playfulness and openness, but our 'inner mojo' can only be kick-started with a large dose of energy. A breakthrough can often be achieved when we make a change in our routine - by, say, sleeping upside-down. This is an inspiring book but, at times, it tries a little too hard.

Could be useful.

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