Books: Three of a kind

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

How leaders retain their humanity
Total Leadership
Stewart D Friedman
Harvard Business £14.99

If you're looking to balance work and life, this easy-to-read, holistic guide to success in both areas is for you. Friedman embraces the interconnectedness of all parts of life and shows how each area - home, work, community and self - can enrich the others, achieving what he calls 'four-way wins'. There are plenty of exercises requiring lots of self-reflection. Yes, you can have it all. - Best of its kind

The One-Life Solution
Henry Cloud
Collins Business £14.99

Do you check your BlackBerry while at the cinema? You've got a work/life boundary problem. According to psychologist Henry Cloud, we need to create boundaries in order to achieve success at home and work. Mostly common sense, this guide shows you how to deal with bullying bosses and information overload through effective boundary-building. The tone can be a little folksy, but it's nice to be reminded that you can always say no. - Could be useful

Ralph Lewis and John Noble (eds)
Management Books 2000 £14.99

True leaders are driven by a motivation to serve others, and the servant-leader's relationship with employees is characterised by trust, empathy and a commitment to their growth. This feelgood collection of essays explores this leadership concept and its application in business. The chapter on Happy - rated second-best place to work by the FT in 2007 - will win you over. - Best of its kind.

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