Boris tells Tories: 'Don't freak out about UKIP'

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has told fellow Tories not to do a 'Nicolas Cage' over UKIP.

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

Ever the verbose character, BoJo has used his weekly outing in the column pages of the Daily Telegraph to accuse some senior Tories of ‘freaking out’ like Nicolas Cage in Con Air or any of his countless cheesy action films. He has urged them to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On being Conservative,’ instead.

He said: ‘Now is not the time to do a Nicolas Cage and freak out at our Doppelgängers, or to slag them off just for appearing to think, in large part, what many Conservatives think. Now is the time to keep calm and carry on being Conservative.’

His comments come in the wake of Tory grandee Ken Clarke’s comments to the Daily Mail, where he repeated David Cameron’s 2006 condemnation of UKIP as a ‘bunch of fruitcakes and closet racists’.

Boris added: ‘Rather than bashing UKIP, I reckon Tories should be comforted by their rise – because the real story is surely that these voters are not turning to the one party that is meant to be providing the official opposition. 

‘The rise of UKIP confirms a) that a Tory approach is broadly popular and b) that in the middle of a parliament, after long years of recession, and with growth more or less flat, the Labour Party is going precisely nowhere.’

Whilst he has denied it, this does nothing to help BoJo’s claim that he is not serious about going for prime minister one day. A comment piece like this opens the possibility that a Boris-led Conservative Party could team up with UKIP to stop the two parties fighting over votes.

Whatever Boris-flavoured hilarity awaits us next?

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