Boris wants London to be the 'tech capital of the world'? No kidding

LAUNCHPAD: The government has ploughed £50m into turning London into a tech hub. Now its mayor has decided he wants it to be the 'tech capital of the world'. We can all dream...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 29 Sep 2015

Boris Johnson tripped across London on Thursday afternoon to get all dewy-eyed about London’s tech scene. Tech glitterati, including Mind Candy founder Michael Acton Smith, Decoded chief exec Kathryn Parsons and Framestore boss Sir William Sargent, gathered to hear Boris do his bit about why London should be the ‘tech capital of the world’.

We’re not sure why there had to be an event to announce this: the government has ploughed at least £50m into creating Tech City in east London. David Cameron has said at least 80,000 times that he wants London to rival Silicon Valley.

But Boris clearly thought his proclamation deserved an event.

‘There is nowhere to rival London for tech firms to thrive and grow,’ he trilled. ‘We have the talent, the investors and the entrepreneurial spirit.

‘I want London’s world-class tech sector to be as well known around the globe as our tourism, arts and financial services.’

Can Tech City compete against Silicon Valley? MT’s done some digging…

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