BRAIN FOOD: How To Get Ahead in Investment Banking

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

1. Get onto an internship, then a graduate traineeship with an investment bank such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley.

2. Be prepared to put in the hours. Most investment bankers are at their desks by 7am and work for 12 hours. Expect to socialise and network.

3. It's a young and competitive profession, so be determined and focused. High-flying investment analysts aim to reach the top by 40, before moving out of the City or looking for a place on the board.

4. Numerate graduates get about £30,000, but analysts can earn up to seven figures if they cultivate contacts and bring in new business.

5. Investment bankers need excellent communication skills to support and understand their clients and their needs.

6. Progress comes a result of earning your team's respect and actively taking on new opportunities and risks to raise your profile.

7. If you're looking to become MD, choose a good mentor for advice, broaden your experience and get on with senior and junior colleagues.

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