Brain food: Canteen culture - Channel 4

Brain food: Canteen culture - Channel 4 - ENTReE:

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013


An eaterie designed by Richard Rogers (who else?) without a straight line in sight to disrupt the flow of ideas and creativity. As might be expected, the canteen is populated by hip types with excitingly three-dimensional lifestyles, clad from head to toe in black and the darker shades of grey.


Along with delectables such as (this month's) mushroom and tarragon quiche, an excellent salad bar, and the ubiquitous (but nonetheless terrific) Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, Channel 4 has seen fit to offer its diners internet access. Naturally the terminals come equipped with the latest desirably flat screens. No area has been spared C4's helpful, stylish touch and even the loos boast a little sign that advises: 'In case of any problems, call the help desk'. Total Service excellence indeed.


In fact, the real creatives at Channel 4 aren't to be found hanging around the canteen, hoping to spot Graham Norton: it's the preserve of suppliers, freelancers and wannabe producers. Those who really make C4 what it is are back at their desks, working hard on commissioning new shock-u-dramas such as 'Britain's most inept trainee pilots'. Lunch for them comes off 'Tina's Trolley', a mobile nourishment station offering tea, coffee and - on a good day - sandwiches.


For those of us of roughly average height, the turnstile is located precisely at groin level.

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