Brain Food: How does he manage? - Adult nightclub owner


Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

When did you become a manager?

I started in 1962, running a church hall disco that evolved into the Black Cat club. My dad was my doorman, and my mother was the cashier.

I booked the Beatles, introduced the Rolling Stones, and earned a lot more than I did as a door-to-door salesman. My job was to walk on stage saying: 'I'm Peter Stringfellow.' I still do that now.

What does management mean to you?

I don't audition the girls - my right-hand man does that. But if things aren't operating how I want, the management knows immediately. There are no memos flying around. If I walk in and don't like what I see, we deal with it there and then. I've had to use people around me - I'm no financial man - but I'm the visionary, the driver. Am I a good manager? No. But I'm good if you're my kind of guy. And I have a tendency to change people's lives. The closer you get, the more of a life-changer I'll be.

What do you love/hate about your job?

I've had a ball, mixing with celebs and becoming one myself. Gene Hackman had a party in '89 and rang to check I was going - otherwise he'd have pulled the party. That's heady. Over the last few years I've tried to live a bit more leisurely, running off to my villa in Majorca, and spending time with my beautiful fiancee, who's only 24. I've cooled my drinking recently. I'm 66 now, and had been swallowing alcohol every night since 1962.

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