BRAIN FOOD: Earning curve - Healthcare

BRAIN FOOD: Earning curve - Healthcare - Dr Thomas McKillop, CEO, AstraZeneca, p.a. pounds 1.2m

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Dr Thomas McKillop, CEO, AstraZeneca, p.a. pounds 1.2m

Val Gooding, CEO, Bupa, p.a. pounds 400,000

Nigel Crisp, CEO, NHS, p.a. pounds 150,000

Alan Milburn, Sec of State for Health, p.a. pounds 117,979

Medical equipment sales rep, Yorkshire, p.a. pounds 25,000

NHS junior doctor, p.a. pounds 17,935

Artificial limb maker, New Zealand, p.a. pounds 13,000

Community health trainer, Papua New Guinea, p.a. pounds 720

Domestic help, medical centre, Tanzania, p.a. pounds 360.

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