BRAIN FOOD: Earning curve - Sex and erotica

BRAIN FOOD: Earning curve - Sex and erotica - Paul Raymond, porn baron net worth pounds 1.5 billion

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Paul Raymond, porn baron net worth pounds 1.5 billion

David Sullivan, publisher of The Sport pounds 375 million

Seth Warshavsky, 26, internet porn king pounds 10 million+

Dr Ruth Weisthemmer, TV sexpert pounds 6 million+

Naomi Campbell's centrefold fee for Playboy pounds 600,000

Judy Reynolds, one of Heidi Fleiss' girls pounds 400,000 pa

Antonio Sten, 'massage parlour owner' pounds 300,000 pa

Consultant gynaecologist pounds 50,000+ pa

Female lead in a hard porn film pounds 500-pounds 1,000 a day

Top lap dancer pounds 500 per night.

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