Brain food: Look after the pennies Captain Hook

A veteran male nurse from Wolverhampton has come up with an idea that will save the National Health Service millions of pounds and turn him into a rich man. A nurse for nearly 20 years, John Edwards has designed a £14 plastic hook for hanging saline drips from the curtain rails that surround ward beds. The J-Hook is a simple device intended to replace bulky £130 drip stands. Where did Edwards find his inspiration? 'I had a patient and a drip and nowhere to put the drip, and I looked and the curtain rail was there and I thought I must be able to use that.' A case of necessity being the mother of invention, then. Edwards teamed up with the Centre for Healthcare Innovation to find a manufacturer and a distributor to develop his idea, and the J-Hook was launched at the end of last month as part of the Hook-It set, which also includes the B-Hook for blood bags and the C-Hook for catheter bags. Edwards deserves his tidy sum.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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