Brain Food: Slogan Doctor - BMW: It's a mini adventure

Who would have thought that BMW could engineer cute? But it did with the new Mini, achieving what has eluded both VW, with its lumpen new Beetle, and Mercedes, with the ruinous Smart. From the start, the Mini has lived up to its slogan, created by ad agency WCRS for its launch in 2001. The original car begat a spontaneous fashion for jokey 'mini' prefixes, and the new slogan revives 'mini' as a fun diminutive; the 'adventure' adds an element of frankly childish excitement, brilliantly conjured up in WCRS's entertaining ads and ingenious online work. BMW is not the only maker to realise that this kind of car is as much a treat as practical transport. It's the perfect gift for that special person you love, even if it's yourself. Taking the hint, Renault marketed its Modus as the car for your 'inner child', one reason why the current Mini ads warn against imitations: 'Make sure it's a Mini adventure'. And it is the Mini that every yummy mummy wants for her 40th birthday.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

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