Brain Food: Slogan Doctor - Coca Cola: Life tastes good

Some Coca-Cola slogans have been memorable; others less so. On the one hand, 'Coca-Cola Adds Life' and 'Things Go Better With Coke'; on the other, 1908's 'The Satisfactory Beverage' and the recent 'Life Tastes Good'.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Launched in 2001 as part of a global campaign by McCann Erickson, it ran straight into trouble. First, a wrangle with Parmalat, which was using the slogan in Canada for yoghurt and soft cheese; then 9/11 - and suddenly life didn't taste good, after all. In the US, Coke dropped the phrase from its commercials, replacing the campaign with reportage-style work from Berlin Cameron/Red Cell, sometimes featuring off-duty celebrities.

The new slogans 'The Real World Of Coca-Cola' and 'Make It Real' played on the sugar-water's 'authenticity'. In the UK, trendy agency Mother gave us a grainy ad, taglined simply 'Real', with a black singer handing out the drink in the street. All these ads showcase the bottle, the one thing supermarkets can't mimic, and their slogans follow the homegrown 'It's The Real Thing', a success in 1942 and 1969. These sell the drink. But if 'Life Tastes Good', who needs Coca-Cola?

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