Brain Food: Slogan Doctor - Easyjet: Come on, let's fly!

To consumers, easyJet is known for cheap flights and an unfortunate attachment to the colour orange. In business, it has a reputation for cheap, homegrown and idiosyncratic solutions to common problems. Its slogan is no exception. Whereas others have handed over the task to expensive experts, easyJet came up with the line on its own, through months of brainstorming in its shed in Luton. Its old line, 'The web's favourite airline', was dated: not only was it a play on someone else's slogan, now disused, it also reflected the airline's early commitment to the internet, now standard in the industry. The new line, introduced in 2004, is really just an attempt to inject enthusiasm and fun into the increasingly dreary business of air travel. The resemblance to a line from a Frank Sinatra song may be coincidental, but it works subliminally to give the thing pizzazz. So while you're stuck in the check-in queue, struggling to squeeze your hand luggage into a bulging suitcase, you have a song in your heart. Don't you?

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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