BRAIN FOOD: The Slogan Doctor - Nokia: Connecting People

At first sight, 'Connecting People' is hardly a slogan at all. Where's the sell? It mentions people, a word most of us are programmed to like.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

But then it puts us on hold, grammatically speaking. The present participle, 'connecting', is almost inert. Who is connecting people? When? Where?

Why? 'The answer is not available right now. Please try again later.'

Instead, it lets us listen to the sound of our own desires. We crave connections. But can anyone, any corporation, really connect people? No.

It can connect lengths of piping, and organisations, and wiring. But people can't be connected: they have to connect.

Perhaps 'connecting' is an adjective: in other words, '(We are the) connecting people' - you make your own connections, and Nokia can support you. Thomas Gad, formerly of Grey Advertising in Sweden, devised the slogan, which was first used in 1992. Do you have his number? He certainly had Nokia's.

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