Brain food: The slogan doctor - Velvet: love your bum

Workers in the Velvet toilet paper factory love the spongy, springy rolls so much they like to play around with them. At least, they do in the ad - a slow-motion evocation of softness, to which is appended the slogan 'Love your bum'. Toilet paper advertising increasingly focuses on areas we - and it - have traditionally avoided. Where Labrador puppies once frolicked, we now get children perched on the porcelain and bears toting bog-rolls through the proverbial woods. 'Love your bum' was created by the Publicis agency to accompany a parade of assorted naked buttocks on posters and TV. It attracted hundreds of complaints. The new factory-based commercial, by a different agency, is charming, but the slogan is not: 'bum' stinks. It thinks it's being 'open' and 'friendly', but in the context of rolls of perforated paper it just sounds, well, lavatorial. Besides, the word is passe: round here the kids speak of nothing but butt. Still, SCA Hygiene of Munich couldn't care less. Thanks to the success of 'Love your bum', its Velvet paper has found its rightful place in the market. Number two.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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