Brain Food: Are You Suffering From - Anger Fatigue Syndrome

Have the builders just told you they're going to be late again? Oh, and their bill has increased by 25%. Has your colleague just made a big fat mistake on a report with your name on it? Did you get rear-ended on the drive to work? Normally, any of these scenarios would have you spitting with rage, but somehow it no longer fazes you. You find yourself saying 'stuff happens'. Anger Fatigue Syndrome affects those prone to wild outbursts of temper. These are the hotheads for whom any form of injustice sparks an uncontrollable barrage of verbal abuse. Now they're indifferent, calm, almost sensible. But don't assume they've been on an anger management course or are taking Prozac. Anger Fatigue is the flipside of anger: it manifests itself in complete apathy and stems from having had too many arguments on the trot. Once the adrenal glands are exhausted, they simply shut down. But they also repair themselves, and the person soon returns to their previous obnoxious self.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor,
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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