BRAIN FOOD: Are You suffering from... Corollary Syndrome

Corollary Syndrome is what happens to people who have just made a big decision. They have just bought a new Bentley, so conclude it is the only car of choice. Also called synchronicity, CS is about self-centredness.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The executive, having thought of taking up golf, hears people talking about it at a dinner and concludes that because everyone important is playing golf, he must make it a mandatory skill for prospective employees.

CS can be innocent but it can also turn into policy. What starts out as a personal choice (I won't use internal e-mail) can soon turn into the company's mission statement. Treatment is to demand evidence for the supposition (that everyone is playing golf) and to be aware of sentences starting with 'I've noticed that everyone is...'. Sufferers often don't realise the extent of their narcissism but can be treated with shock tactics, such as: 'You're wrong!'

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