Brain Food: Are you suffering from situational intimacy?

Isn't it funny how the new colleague with the irritating habit of repeating himself every 20 minutes, a drool and some personal hygiene problems, starts to become positively funny, actually hilarious, a mere two weeks later? Situational Intimacy is not to be confused with liking or even loving: it's what happens when you spend too much time in a place you'd rather not be in, with people you'd rather not be with. It's nature's way of making the unbearable somewhat bearable - but don't be deceived.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Many people have confused SI with affection. They think, 'Gosh, I really like that guy I share a cubicle with. I'll invite him for dinner!' only to find that the drool actually foams, the smell has been reported down the street and those hilarious stories cleared the room after a mere five minutes. Where SI gets really messy is during those big deals when the long hours make everyone feel intimate. The ugliest woman is suddenly a Playboy Pin-Up. The answer: come back in the morning and review the situation.

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