BRAIN FOOD: Unlikely managers - Chatroom moderator

BRAIN FOOD: Unlikely managers - Chatroom moderator - CHAT MODERATORS, LONDON SW1

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


Name: Rob Marcus

When did you become a manager?

In 2001, just after I set it up, Chat Moderators won the contract for Liverpool FC's web site, which runs 24/7. I hired six moderators - we now have 40.

What does management mean to you?

Managing the quality of moderating. I check whether the moderator is being fair or becoming a little Mussolini. It's like being an online party host - making sure everyone has a good time - while ensuring libellous comments are removed and children are protected: we helped formulate the Home Office's first code of practice for child safety online. If a troublemaker joins in, it's like knocking the drinks over and being sick in the corner at a party. You must tread the balance and agree when a policy has been breached. Each client draws the line in a different place, but all expect consistency.

What do you love/hate about it?

I love a job well done - like closing a restaurant knowing everyone had a good time without smashing the place up. I hate the relentlessness. There's always a message to moderate.

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