BRAIN FOOD: Unlikely managers - Hairdresser - Stuart Phillips, London

BRAIN FOOD: Unlikely managers - Hairdresser - Stuart Phillips, London - Name: DALE McCOOK

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


When did you become a manager? When I was a head junior - I'm now a stylist.

What does management mean to you? Making sure everything runs correctly. If it doesn't, there's no structure to whatever you're trying to do. If your first client turns up late, you run late for the whole day and other clients get upset. It's not a good reputation to have. You have to delegate. If you don't, then it's all downhill. As a hairdresser, you're managing from the day you start to the day you finish. As a head junior, you're responsible for up to eight juniors. If they play up, you have to be tough with them. It prepares you for being a stylist - you deal with stress and it builds up your people skills. You learn how to be stern but polite.

What do you love/hate about it? I like managing when you start getting something back. It's one of the bonuses of the job to see an apprentice come from nothing to something. I hate it when clients are dishonest. A lot of it is built on trust and as soon as you lose that, it makes you feel angry. But you have to be professional.

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