BRAIN FOOD: Us and Them - South Africa

South Africa is an emerging market with an abundance of natural resources and a stock exchange that ranks among the 10 largest in the world; yet one of the legacies of the apartheid era is a daunting array of economic and social problems, including high crime and HIV/Aids infection rates. The life expectancy for a South African is only 46.6 years. Although the country is best-known for mining, its manufacturing and financial services now contribute the larger share of GDP.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Half of South Africa's 42.8 million population live below the poverty line. Almost two-thirds of its labour force earn less than $250 per month.

The Government's economic policy is pragmatic and focused on increasing job growth. With its high crime rate, South Africa has become an attractive area for money launderers and a transhipment centre for illicit drugs.

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