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What do you do?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I run a company that produces the board game 'Destination'. The game uses real cities, so I visit each one, photograph landmarks and speak to the locals to decide what should be included, and work with the illustrators to achieve that. I've based it entirely on my experiences as a taxi driver - even down to the card that says 'A passenger threw up in your cab, clean it up'.

How did you get the job?

Six years ago, I'd had my first daughter and started driving a taxi to pay for my law degree. I had the idea for the game in my cab, and won a chunk of money when I entered it into a university competition. I took it to manufacturers but they all shut the door, so I set up myself. I even took a prototype onto Dragon's Den, where the panel laid into me and wouldn't invest. I felt crushed at the time, but it made me more determined to succeed.

Does reality match the dream?

It exceeds the dream. I love researching the cities and scaling them down to the game format, and it's really satisfying to see it come together. I do feel guilty that my kids may have suffered, but I'm sure that is the same for many businesswomen. Everything I've worked hard for seems to be coming off, and I could never go to work for anyone else now.

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