Brain Food: We'd love that job - Gastropub Owner - Peter Richnell, co-owner and Manager, the Havelock Tavern, West London

What do you do?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I'm in charge of the bar area; my business partner Jonny Haughton does the kitchen. Once I've done my office work, I make sure everything is set up for lunch. A lot of the prep work gets done out here, so I check that everything is tickety-boo. If it's quiet, I'll be in the bar schmoozing.

I'll sit and have a chat with the regulars - the enjoyable part. If my friends are around and everything is going well, and customers come over to tell me they love this place, it's great. Food and drink is an emotive subject and if I can do something to help people enjoy themselves, it gives me a good feeling.

How did you get the job?

I studied catering management and always thought I'd have my own bistro. I didn't know Jonny very well when we started, but we were on the same wavelength - home cooking with an edge and everything fresh. It took longer to do this place up than it should have, partly because I wanted to enjoy it. We had all the beer to drink up and it was an absolute scream for four months. We opened in 1996.

Does reality match the dream?

I have weeks from heaven and weeks from hell, but it doesn't feel like work - it's good fun.

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