Brainfood: How he made his pile - Malcolm Glazer - Investor

Who is he? The 'Leprechaun' has a 60-year history of investment, and is worth $1.1 billion. Described by one US judge as 'a snake in sheep's clothing', he has had difficulty getting the Manchester United fans to follow him since his takeover last May.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

How did he make his millions? After a start in trailer parks, Glazer became a notorious corporate raider in the '80s. He invested heavily in Harley Davidson and Formica, selling up after takeover speculation sent shares soaring. In '95, he bought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; success-starved fans paid sky-high prices for Superbowl glory, tripling the value of his investment.

The secret of his success? Glazer won't let anyone - boardrooms, fans or family - block his pursuit of cash. When his sisters took him to court after he seized their mother's assets, he kept proceedings going for 15 years until their funds dried up. Timing is key to his success, but in another uncertain season at Old Trafford, has he got it wrong this time?

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