Brainfood: Mind Your Manners - On The Awayday

It's not a sticking plaster. A day of primal screaming won't cure a crisis. Solve the problem in the office first, then take your team out as a reward - and an opportunity to identify the next challenge.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Think it through. If you see an awayday as a chance to escape the phones, so will your team. Involve them by asking what needs doing and find a way to achieve it. Will sheep-herding really boost sales performance?

Tailor the event. You might have an inner tribesman, but Maureen in HR may not take well to fire-walking. And remember: taking part is optional.

Force staff over hot coals and they're not the only ones who'll get burnt.

Go prepared. Don't just show up with your pre-session tasks shoved in the bottom of your bag. Even if you're scrabbling for ideas on the train, it's better than turning up still mulling over the previous night's TV.

Use the day. Dedicated time with your bosses is an occasion to shine.

It may be tempting to spend it aping about, but deliver a few cracking ideas for the company and you'll get noticed.

Share the love. Don't just slap backs with your usual office crew - get to know people you don't usually work alongside. And when you return, don't lapse back into lazy nods as you pass in the corridor.

Follow it through. Avoid awayday failure by actually applying what you've learned. After all, those ideas should make your day-to-day life better.


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