Brainfood: Are You Suffering From Hollywood Syndrome

This syndrome was coined to describe actors in Hollywood who experienced their 15 minutes of fame. For a nanosecond, they bathed in attention and fame, but the next thing they knew, their agent didn't return their calls and no-one hailed them in the supermarket. Rather than conclude that they were never going to be Tom Cruise and move on, they kept clinging on for dear life to those 15 minutes. Symptoms include depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and libido problems - not to mention financial worries, given that the 15 minutes of fame didn't exactly pay off the mortgage. Of course, Hollywood Syndrome doesn't affect only the contestants of Big Brother: how many bankers are still talking about the big deal they did in the '80s, even though they haven't done one since? We all know the university sportsman who never got over the fact that college cricket ended and life in an insurance company began. Treatment involves a sharp slap across one's own face (or a gentler slap from a therapist) and a tattoo imprinted on the forearm that reads 'get over it'.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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