Brainfood: Are you suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder

It's not that big a leap from being a bit concerned that people are talking behind your back to Paranoid Personality Disorder. To be diagnosed with it, you have to suspect, without sufficient basis, that others intend to exploit you. You will be reluctant to confide in colleagues for fear of the information being used against you; read hidden meanings into the words of others; bear persistent grudges; and be quick to react. Oh, and you have to be convinced your partner is cheating on you. Sound familiar? Treatment is pretty rigorous and involves a multitude of therapies and drugs, although most sufferers suspect that the person treating them is after their job or their wallet. One quick solution is to agree with sufferers at all times: their paranoia will be decreased, though yours, of course, will go through the roof. Sufferers have the uncanny knack of making everyone else see things their way.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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