BRAINFOOD: Are you suffering from ...

executive dysfunction

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor,
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Do you start a project, then immediately immerse yourself in another?

Is your idea of forward planning deciding where to go for lunch? If so, you may have the latest disability du jour: Executive Dysfunction. The dishevelled manager who permanently apologises for forgetting meetings is not lazy: he has abnormalities in his CEO - the control centre of the brain that enables you to maintain a mental image of a destination. Those with a poor CEO may function brilliantly if their PA does everything for them, but ask them to plan a holiday, and you'll be lucky if they remember which holiday. Information simply vanishes from their mind. Treatment involves taking the same stimulant drugs as hyperactive children or strengthening organisational skills. Alternatively, sufferers can substitute their auxiliary frontal lobe with another human being.

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