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Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

India has the world's second-largest population (1.025 billion), which is growing so fast that it's expected to overtake China by 2030. More than a third of its population are under 15. India also has the second-longest road network and second-highest number of road deaths in the world.

GDP stands at $477.3 billion and is growing at 5.4% a year. Goldman Sachs forecasts that by 2050 India will be the world's third-largest economy.


Two-thirds of India's population are agricultural workers, mostly subsistence farmers. As a result, agriculture accounts for only 25% of India's GDP. Nearly a third of Indians live in cities (compared with nearly 90% in the UK). Unemployment is about 11.6% and life expectancy is much lower than in the UK: 63.2 years for men and 64.6 years for women, compared with 75.7 and 80.7 respectively.

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