Branson lifts his kilt in a cocksure dig at BA

Richard Branson is back with another hilarious/tacky PR stunt. The Virgin billionaire flashed his undercrackers, emblazoned with the words 'stiff competition', to launch Virgin's new 'Little Red' routes to Scotland - and put the wind up rival BA.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

You'd think that Beardy was a little long in the tooth to flash his pants to the world but the Virgin entrepreneur has proved (yet again) that he plans to grow old disgracefully, using his crotch as an advertising space for new venture Little Red.

Branson stepped off the plane in Edinburgh after Little Red's inaugural flight to Scotland yesterday wearing a traditional kilt, which he promptly lifted to the astonishment of onlookers to reveal a not-so-traditional pair of pants bearing the slogan, 'stiff competition'.

‘I’ve got to the age where it is wise to always wear something under my kilt- especially in weather like this,’ he said, adding, 'we are delighted that we managed to pick up these slots as it means we can offer stiff competition to British Airway.'

Little Red has been allocated routes to Edinburgh and Aberdeen following the closure of domestic airline British Midlands. The new firm, part of Virgin Atlantic, will create 130 new jobs in Scotland and generate £75m in revenue for the Scottish economy. However, Little Red missed out on lucrative slots at Glasgow airport, which will remain the province of British Airways.

As usual, Branson did not miss an opportunity to bash his long-standing rival, saying, 'I would love to be flying to Glasgow as well, but for some bizarre reason the competition authorities, who bequeathed us these slots, didn’t allow us to have the slots to compete with British airways out of Glasgow.'

With Virgin Atlantic reporting losses of £135m over the past two years, Branson will be hoping that this publicity stunt lures plenty of BA's customers to his fledgling venture. But will the display leave his prospective customers - like his nether regions - cold.

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