Brexit & my business: "A no-deal could compromise our team"

ClickMechanic's Andrew Jervis is preparing for price hikes and workforce disruption.

by Stephen Jones
Last Updated: 24 Sep 2019
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Brexit has had a profound influence on the operations of many British businesses, whether they're stockpiling for the apocalypse or preparing to set sail as a buccaneer in free-trading global waters.

Management Today has been speaking to bosses about how they’re preparing for the big day - whenever that may be. 

This week it’s Andrew Jervis, who cofounded ClickMechanic, an online platform that connects car owners with mechanics, with Felix Kenton (left) in 2012.

"Ultimately, the biggest risk to ClickMechanic will be whether a no-deal Brexit could compromise the right to remain and work in the UK for many people in our team. We have members of the team who are from Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and more.

"Although some assurances have been given by the government, it's not entirely clear what we'd need to do to in the event of a no-deal Brexit to safeguard the rights of these team members to remain and work for us. 

"In terms of the automotive industry as a whole, there's clearly a great deal of import and export of auto-related products. A no-deal scenario could have a dramatic impact on the volumes of vehicles being imported and exported, and lead to a supply and demand squeeze which could, in turn, drive prices up or down.

"As a business, it's key we safeguard our team and look after their interests first and foremost. If there is a no-deal exit, we'd of course work with these members of the team and the Home Office to get assurances about their status and right to remain and work. 

"In terms of preparing for potential price hikes, we'd need to ensure that we're sufficiently capitalised to withstand any decreases or increases in our product. So it may be the case that we look to other suppliers and might also have to raise additional funds."

Image credit: ClickMechanic


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