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Your go-to guide for Brexit news and insight from around the web. Includes analysis from Management Today's anonymous guest columnist, The Secret Brexiter: She used to work in Government, she works for a major mulitnational corporation, and now she works for us.

Brexit watch: What you need to know

Your one stop-shop for Brexit news and resources from around the web.

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Has Brexit been a secret boon for British business?

A year has passed since the transition period ended, so how have British businesses coped...

Tim Martin

Is this the most misunderstood business leader in Britain?

Why Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin is more than a cartoon Brexiteer – and tends to...

Brexit red tape: Your struggles and solutions

Management Today finds out how businesses are working around the challenges of Britain’s post-Brexit trade...

How can you prepare for a no-deal Brexit?

We asked leaders which contingency plans (if any) they have in place before the Brexit...

Ex No 10 insider: The hidden impact of Brexit on business

While attention will rightly fall on trade negotiations this year, there could be longer-term domestic...

How Boris & Brexit remade British politics

Ex No 10 insider: The victorious Conservatives have metamorphosed into something like a European people's...

Ex No 10 insider: Corbynism is here to stay

Regardless of the election result tomorrow, the trends point to a resurgence of socialism.

Strategic lessons from MPs' failed attempt to stop no-deal Brexit

For a while the Parliamentary coalition against no deal had real power, but they made...

Whoever wins this election, the small state is dead

Ex No 10 insider: The one thing Corbyn and Johnson have in common is their...

The election campaigns as movie plots

Ex No 10 Insider: Corbyn's going for a Lion King remake, while Johnson's doing a...

Corbyn vs Johnson: What are their plans for business?

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn set out how their premiership would affect employers.

What the Lib Dems say they will do for business

Jo Swinson made her pitch to industry leaders at this year's CBI conference.

Ex No 10 Insider: The road to hell and a hung Parliament

Don't assume the December election will settle Brexit, or the economic future of the country....

Does Brexit offer an opportunity for UK-India trade?

Britain has slipped from 2nd to 17th among India's trading partners over the last 20...

Andrea Leadsom: 5 reasons British business will be stronger after Brexit

Exclusive: The business secretary sets out the Tories' pitch to business.

2 ways Boris Johnson could lose the election

The PM's gamble is not without risks.

Labour could fall into its own Brexit trap

Delaying the PM's Brexit bill will unravel his fragile coalition of MPs, but at what...

Ex No 10 insider: The 3 key Brexit battles, and who's winning

These Parliamentary struggles will determine when, how and whether we leave the EU.

The end of Brexit?

Johnson has created a powerful narrative to get his deal over the line. Our undercover...

"The UK needs to get serious about protecting financial services after Brexit"

Brexit & My Business: LMAX Exchange Group CEO David Mercer believes there are huge international...

What is Boris Johnson's leadership style?

From Asquith's placidity to Thatcher's ruthlessness, Britain's PMs have taken radically different approaches.

Ex No 10 insider: Will a Brexit extension be the end of Boris ...

And how would a deal affect the next general election?

Free ports: Economic boost or Boris bluster?

Johnson hopes trade areas will lift local economies post Brexit.

Ex Number 10 insider: The relationship between business and politics is changing

And other takeaways from party conference season.

How the City gave birth to Brexit

"Some saw it as an opportunity to make money."

Brexit & my business: "If anything Brexit has got people to open their ...

Companies will need to prepare for a more complex world, says Rolls-Royce's strategic marketing director....

What trading "on WTO terms" actually means

It's what will happen if Britain fails to sign a free trade agreement with the...

Ex No 10 insider: There is no plan to deliver Brexit then go ...

The Conservatives' new radicalism could herald profound constitutional changes.

Ex No 10 insider: This is a terrifying moment in our democracy

Did the Supreme Court just make a no deal Brexit less likely?

5 expert predictions for a no deal Brexit

It pays to be prepared.

Brexit & my business: "A no-deal could compromise our team"

ClickMechanic's Andrew Jervis is preparing for price hikes and workforce disruption.

How will different sectors be affected by a no deal?

Your quick industry-by-industry guide.

The curious predicament of Dominic Cummings

Ex No 10 Insider: Downing St chiefs of staff are all powerful, until they're not....

Brexit & my Business: "Brexit has encouraged us to diversify our offering"

Recruitment CEO David Morel is preparing to embrace new opportunities.

Ex No 10 insider: This is exactly what Johnson wanted

Our undercover corporate lobbyist unpicks the PM's strategy.

Brexit & My Business: "Our experience is of shaken confidence"

Johnsons of Whixley's MD Graham Richardson says the commercial nursery relies on EU agency workers....

Ex No 10 insider: How far will Boris Johnson go?

In this week's critical battle between PM and Parliament, the old rules no longer apply....

Johnson's nuclear option could blow apart our unwritten constitution

The PM is attempting to suspend Parliament in order to force through a no deal....

Ex No 10 insider: Remainer coup may not be enough to stop no ...

Events in southern Europe around the end of October could thwart Remainer MPs' plans to...

Ex Downing Street insider: Why Brexit is only the beginning

The breaking of the old status quo heralds a new era of radical experimentation, which...

Ex Downing St insider: The warning signs of a no deal Brexit

Our undercover lobbyist reveals what needs to happen before Britain crashes out.

Ex Downing St Insider: What Boris Johnson really wants

"Do or die" may not mean what you think it does, says our undercover Westminster...

Brexit watch: August 2019

Your one stop-shop for Brexit news and resources from around the web.

The Boris show: How Johnson's Brexit negotiations will play out

Can the Tory frontrunner actually achieve a deal sans the Irish backstop?