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Last Updated: 06 Sep 2019


Government launches Brexit readiness fund

The £10m grants scheme intended to help business and trade organisations support companies preparing for Brexit. BEIS


Is Boris Johnson a madman or a master bluffer? 

A top game theorist dissects the PM’s actions.  The Conversation


How has Brexit impacted entrepreneurship?

These regions have "struggled" the most since the UK voted to leave the EU. Business Leader


How will Brexit disrupt EU/UK data flows?

A no deal could be "extremely damaging" for British businesses says this UCL report. Science Business


3 ways manufacturers can prepare for Brexit

Whatever the outcome, businesses need to be prepared. M E M


No-deal Brexit: how some traders will be gearing up to short the pound

The value of Sterling has crashed compared to the dollar. The Conversation


Government to auto-enrol businesses into a new customs system

Nearly 90,000 companies will be given an EORI number. Reuters

What does ending freedom of movement mean for EU migrants

Downing Street plans to end the right to work for extended periods immediately after the planned departure date of October 31st. FT


No-deal Brexit could cost farms £850m in profits

The agricultural industry currently receives £3.5bn in EU subsidies. BBC


How no-deal will impact food, fuel and fishing

A leaked government document shows that departing the EU without a deal could have serious consequences on border checks and supply chains. Quartz


A quick guide to WTO rules 

Companies may have to abide by these regulations if they want to trade in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Department for International Trade

Which non-EU countries does the UK have a trade deal with?

There are currently 12 agreements in place. Department for International Trade


Corbyn calls for a vote of no confidence to stop no-deal

But some of his parliamentary colleagues are far from convinced. BBC

Government offers £25m to prop up no-deal drug supply

The 12-month service is aimed at ensuring pharmacies have access to medical products post-Brexit. City AM


"We can never be ready for a no-deal", says car industry chief 

How a no-deal Brexit could be the death of UK automotive. The Telegraph


Next boss changes tune on no-deal Brexit

But Simon Wolfson still hopes an agreement is possible. Retail Gazette

Will Brexit affect horseracing?

Some are worried about freedom of movement for horses. FT


How Brexit will affect business travel

Workers may have to apply for work permits if they want to do more than merely attend meetings and conferences. FT


Government plans fast track science visa

Boris Johnson wants to attract the world’s best researchers to the UK post Brexit, but does more need to be done to keep Britain competitive? BEIS


Why Boris Johnson is so optimistic

A political strategy of ‘boosterism’ could play off in the long-term, for the PM at least. Prospect Magazine

How rebels plan to thwart no-deal

Forcing parliament to sit through an autumn recess could give them more time. The Guardian

No-deal’s biggest victim: Touring orchestras?

The nature of the UK’s departure poses potential problems for musicians. BBC


No-deal Brexit isn't "unavoidable", maintains Irish Taoiseach

The EU, however, is increasingly resigned to a hard Brexit and remains resistant to UK calls for ‘mini-deals’. FT

Have you Brexit-proofed you contracts?

Businesses should take steps to protect existing agreements that could be impacted by leaving the EU. Here’s some pointers of how to do it.  Supply Management


How Brexit could change the taste of whiskey

Currently a spirit has to be aged for at least three years to officially be labelled as a whiskey but a post-Brexit trade deal with the US could change that. BBC


It could take until 2021 for all exporters to have the required paperwork for a no-deal Brexit 

Treasury figures, gathered by the Lib Dems, show that only a third of businesses have applied for an EORI number, which will be needed in order to continue serving EU markets if the UK leaves without a deal. FT


UK to have free ports after October 31

The government has announced that sea and airports can apply for free port status after Brexit, which allow tariff free import and re-export. Up to 10 will be awarded the status. BBC


No deal preparedness checklist

This quick guide covers everything from EORI numbers to currency hedging. Daily Telegraph


Scottish farmers eye replacement to common agricultural policy

A committee of MPs believes Brexit could be an opportunity to boost funding and make it easier for farmers to hire seasonal workers. A no deal could result in tariffs on EU-bound exports of approximately 40 per cent. BBC


Japan: A model for post-Brexit Britain?

We aren't the only island nation off the coast of an economic superpower, facing a narrative of decline. Management Today

Secret Brexiter: The warning signs of a no deal Brexit

Our ex Downing Street insider reveals what needs to happen before Britain crashes out. Management Today


Secret Brexiter: What Boris Johnson really wants

"Do or die" may not mean what you think it does, says our undercover Westminster lobbyist. Management Today

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