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Last Updated: 29 Oct 2019


UK set for December election

After Labour agrees to back the PM’s plan to call a general election. The Telegraph

Brexit 50ps to be recycled

The coins designed to commemorate leaving the EU on October 31st will be melted down after Boris Johnson accepted an extension. BBC


Johnson’s deal is "static, but not a corpse" 

What next for brexit? FT


What is Boris Johnson’s deal?

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is just the first in a long series of negotiations. BBC

How the next four days will pan out

It’s a critical week in Westminster. FT


What was in the Queen’s speech? 

The government has used the state opening of Parliament to announce 22 new bills. City AM


Free ports: Economic boost or Boris bluster?

Johnson hopes trade areas will lift local economies post Brexit. Management Today


Johnson plans second EU letter asking to cancel his request for Brexit delay

According Andrea Leadsom, Boris has a plan to get around the Benn Act. Politics Home


Government updates its no-deal tariff plan

Britain will not charge duty on 88 per cent of imports. DIT



Johnson will not have to ask the EU for extension, rules Judge

A Scottish court has rejected a request by anti-brexit campaigners to force the PM to seek an extension should he fail to get a deal through Parliament. The Guardian


"If anything Brexit has got people to open their eyes a bit more"

Companies will need to prepare for a more complex world, says Rolls-Royce's strategic marketing director. Management Today


What’s in Boris Johnson’s EU offer?

The proposals include plans to replace the Irish backstop. BBC


Johnson’s Irish border plans a "non-starter"

Leaked documents reveal proposals for permanent clearance areas and real time tracking devices on lorries. The Guardian


Is Boris Johnson's electoral strategy working?

It may not be as easy as the Prime Minister thinks to out-Farage Farage. UnHerd

"Significant response to a no-deal Brexit"

Sajid Javid has shed some light on the government’s no-deal economic plans. BBC


Small businesses not prepared for a no-deal Brexit

The average cost of making preparations is up to £3000. FT


Ex No 10 insider: This is a terrifying moment in our democracy

Did the Supreme Court just make a no deal Brexit less likely? Management Today


5 expert predictions for a no deal Brexit

It pays to be prepared. Management Today


Brexit & my business: "A no-deal could compromise our team"

ClickMechanic's Andrew Jervis is preparing for price hikes and workforce disruption. Management Today


What is Labour's position over Brexit?

Opinions differ over whether the party should back Remain in any future referendum or stay neutral until a later date.The Guardian


How this recruitment company is preparing for Brexit

"Brexit has encouraged us to diversify our offering", says Tiger Recruitment CEO David Morel. Management Today


Why people won’t listen to the UK’s Get Ready for Brexit campaign

And why preparing the public may not really be the point. The Conversation


Government to overhaul no deal tariff schedule

Haulage industry lobbying is likely to reduce tariffs, but farmers haven't been so successful. FT (paywall)


No paperwork, no entry

What Operation Yellowhammer documents tell us about how ports will work after a no-deal. The Independent

Boris Johnson's legal options

For a do-or-die Halloween. The Daily Telegraph


An Italian style coalition could stop Brexit

"Remainers made a mistake in choosing the legislative route." FT


Only Plato can explain the Brexit court confusion

Three different courts have issued three different rulings over the PM’s decision to prorogue parliament. Quartz


A no-deal Brexit won’t end uncertainty for businesses

"Just getting on with it" is not enough. The Conversation

Operation Yellowhammer document in full

The government has been forced to publish its no-deal assessment, read it here. UK Gov


Judges rule prorogation of Parliament is unlawful

A Scottish court believes Boris Johnson mislead the Queen. BBC


How a no-deal Brexit can still happen

Parliament’s law does not completely rule out the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal. BBC


Bercow to stand down by October 31

The Speaker has been an essential part of MPs' plans to stop a no-deal Brexit. Sky News

The French could veto Brexit extension

Patience is wearing thing across the Channel. Reuters


How "English" is an English breakfast?

Much of our fresh food comes from abroad. BBC


"Chink of light for businesses"

As the pound rises, the CBI has welcomed MP's attempts to stop a no-deal Brexit. Sky News


Government offers ports £10m for Brexit upgrades

English ports have until 6 September to bid in the Port Infrastructure Resilience and Connectivity (PIRC) competition. Supply Management


5 things we learned about Brexit

Monday was dramatic to say the least. BBC

What next for the pound?

Sterling has dropped to its lowest sustained level since 1985. The Telegraph


How will a no-deal hurt fintechs?

Firms may suffer passporting and recruitment issues in the short term. Business Insider

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