Bring back the Underwood typewriter, say workers

Stat of the day: one in seven office workers are suffering 'technology fatigue' and dream of a return to the age of the typewriter and notebook (not the digital kind, either), says a new survey.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The analogue age is still very much alive in Britain’s offices. A new poll of 400 people by has found that 15% of workers are struggling to keep up with technology driven changes in the workplace. And far from being iPad and smartphone converts, almost three quarters said they could not cope without pen and paper.

Of course, we are not a nation of purely Luddites. The poll found that some 85% of people still wanted to keep their technological office luxuries. Nonetheless, even they remained wedded to some old habits: 73% would struggle to get through the working day without a handy piece of A4, apparently.

Traditional office tools are not the only casualty of the digital age, relatively modern equipment is falling out of favour as well. reveals that the two office items the majority of employees can do without are the humble pencil sharpener (60%) and the fax machine (51%).

A spokesman from even indulged in a spot of future-gazing: 'The next office item we predict to go the way of the Dodo will be the diary,' he said.

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