Which are Britain's most responsible companies?

These are the firms most rated by their peers for community and environmental responsibility.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 04 Mar 2019

We reached 'peak purpose' around 2014, according to research by BCG into the frequency with which the word was mentioned in annual reports. Yet this hasn't meant a violent swing back to a Friedman-esque vision of capitalism revolving only around total shareholder return. 

Many businesses take their social, ethical and environmental responsibilities very seriously indeed, not only by funding CSR projects that have a positive impact, but also by examining their own everyday activities to make sure they're not having a negative impact. 

This list shows how British businesses rate their rivals for doing the right thing. As part of the annual Britain's Most Admired Companies survey, board-level representatives, plus respected city analysts, were asked to assign firms in their sector a score out of ten, on the calibre of their community and environmental responsibility. 


Image credit: Bithin raj/Pexels


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